Iowa Paralegal Services seeks qualified paralegals to assist with our services. We are always looking for dedicated people who do not cut corners and who put forth their every effort to make our work product the best it can be. Some employment qualities we screen for are:

Knowledgeable - Take initiative - Energetic - Cooperative attitude
Trustworthy - Dependable - Pleasant to work with - Outgoing

Our staff are compensated by the hour and have varying areas of work. We offer substantial compensation based upon your quality of work. We do not hire fulltime employees except in our local area. Many paralegals work from home (or office) part-time utilizing their research and writing skills. If this work appeals to you then please contact us.

We have an extensive interview process that will include drafting three legal memoranda based upon fact scenarios we supply. Each should not take long to draft, but from our perspective we will be able to determine the applicant's intrinsic research and writing abilities. We also do a background check and history on our employees and require a small fee (submitted after the initial screening interview) to cover those costs.

Contact our staffing manager directly by email and we will promptly respond.


We do also offer research and writing training to qualified applicants. If you are looking at refresher trainer or an extensive training program we can assist you. We do maintain a members only forum where our training is conducted. Forum membership fees are nominal and our Forum is strictly regulated. We do not allow anything other than law related issues. Spambots and merchants can find themselves a home elsewhere.

Contact Craig if you are interested in training.