We can be contacted by email or by adding our yahoo messenger ID and sending a message to iowaparalegalservices on Yahoo Instant Messenger. We monitor our emails and messenger services 24 hours a day.


Our services involve researching the appropriate law and preparing various pleadings necessary to successfully litigate a case. We start with a fact scenario submitted by our client and determine what issues of fact and law may be applicable to the case. Taking the potential issues in hand we undertake extensive research into the current state of the law applicable to the issue, as well as identify and brief any conflicting law and/or dissent among the courts. In this fashion our clients receive a comprehensive guide on which avenues to proceed on the given case.

We also conduct case reviews and prepare appropriate pleadings. A typical case review requires an entire copy of the case file, discovery, and any other supporting documents. Upon reception of the file we will review the case and draft a memorandum on any factual or legal issues we can identify. We work closely in conjunction with a number of attorneys in and around the state to comprehensively challenge the identified legal claims geared toward successful litigation of the case, civil or criminal.


We offer responsible and efficient Service of Process in all Iowa Counties. We personally provide Courier and Service to Scott, Clinton, and Muscatine Counties, and have trusted Servers we refer for service in all other Iowa counties. Our Process Service page explains our rates and coverage. Please review it here and contact us with your service needs..


Our rate on a typical pleading with memorandum of law is $40 per hour with a two hour minimum fee. Approximately 90% of our pleadings take two hours to research, draft, and forward.

Our rates on a typical case review are $40 per hour with a two hour minimum fee, or an agreed upon contract fee for extensive cases, trials, and/or appeals. Such contract case reviews typically have a minimum rate (i.e. 20 hours) and our contract rate is based upon our comprehensive estimated review time.

Please note that individual rates are subject to change and will be addressed when our firm contracts with you.


On occasion we are requested to supply a paralegal for an assignment such as trial preparation and trial itself. We do have paralegals who are fully qualified to handle such matters and are available upon request. Such requests are at a lower contract rate than listed above but may also include travel fees.

We also offer a number of publications involving the ins and outs of researching and writing legal pleadings for attorneys. These are available in booklet format at reasonable prices. Please review excerpts of our publications here.